How to Cancel a Course in Christian Reformed Theological Seminary

Learn and understand the simple procedures for canceling a student’s courses in undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, or certificate programs at Christian Reformed Theological Seminary.

Christian Reformed Theological Seminary

How to Cancel Christian Reformed Theological Seminary Courses

There are major reasons students change/cancel their course and study or rather request an inter-college transfer form from their current university to another university:

You must complete the Cancellation of the Registration form and submit it to your faculty office.

Below are the steps on how to cancel a Subject(s) at Christian Reformed Theological Seminary.


To cancel a subject, you will need the  Christian Reformed Theological Seminary Subject Cancellation Form.


Download the form and fill out all information


You must provide the correct information for all the available fields before submitting the form

N/B: If you withdraw from individual courses that have a minimum duration of one semester, any fee reduction is dependent upon the date of withdrawal. Details can be obtained from the fees office.

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