List of All Courses at Inscape Education Group

Inscape Education Group Courses
Inscape Education Group

Inscape Education Group has published its programs offered in the school. The programs are very rich and flexible for students. Prospective students are advised to duly check the list of the programs listed out below before they swing into the admission process.

List of All Courses at Inscape Education Group

Certificate Courses (12 courses)

  • Certificate in Sales and Marketing(Sales and Marketing)
  • Certificate in Tailoring(Tailoring)
  • Higher Certificate in Fashion Design(Fashion Design)
  • Higher Certificate in Interior Decorating(Interior Decorating)
  • Certificate in Fashion and Design(Fashion and Design)
  • Certificate in Recreation and Events Management(Recreation and Events Management)
  • Certificate in Presentation and Public Speaking(Presentation and Public Speaking)
  • Certificate in Advertising Management(Advertising Management)
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing(Digital Marketing)
  • Certificate in Interior Design(Interior Design)
  • Higher Certificate in Architectural Technology(Architectural Technology)
  • Higher Certificate in Design Techniques(Design Techniques)

Degree Courses (9 courses)

  • Bachelor of Environmental Design(Environmental Design)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design(Fashion Design)
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design(Graphic Design)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design(Interior Design)
  • Bachelor of Jewellery Management and Design(Jewellery Management and Design)
  • Bachelor of Marketing Management(Marketing Management)
  • Bachelor of Audio Visual Design (Audio Visual Design )
  • Bachelor of Interaction Design(Interaction Design)
    Bachelor of Ideation Design(Ideation Design)
  • Diploma Courses (2 courses)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design(Graphic Design)
  • Diploma in Interior Design(Interior Design)

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