Roughly 4 500 Beneficiaries Affected By Sassa Payment Delays

Roughly 4 500 Beneficiaries Affected By Sassa Payment Delays

Numerous social grant applicants had a difficult start to the year and were left without payments as a result of yet another technical problem with the Postbank payment system.

Beneficiaries of the Sassa social grants who are gold card holders were unable to access their funds at a critical moment when many families needed money, It is reported that approximately 4500 grant recipients were impacted by the delays.

According to the Post Bank’s spokesperson, Bongani Diako, the glitch was brought on by cyber security threats that started soon after Post Bank was given the contract that had previously been given to the South African Post Office. This cohort of grant recipients relies on PostBank to collect their grant payments.

As a result, payments were affected throughout November and December, which meant that beneficiaries could not collect their payments. Diako adds that following this they opted to move payments to retailers to stabilize the situation.

The Post Bank has since confirmed that the issue has been resolved and that grant payments resumed on Tuesday 3 January 2023, starting with payments of the old age grant followed by other grants in the next two days at the time.

“On the 3rd of January, we paid the old age grants and on the 4th of January, we paid the disability grants.” He further explained

He adds that on Friday 5 January 2023 system’s performance wasn’t up to par between 9 am and 12 am when child grants were being paid. Beneficiaries who attempted to withdraw cash within this window period from merchants or ATMs experienced transaction timeouts. Despite not receiving the funds, it appeared as though they had.

The next cycle of grant payments will be made on 3 February 2023, starting with the Older persons grant.

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